Voice on the Phone

The current call center I work for is a dungeon. No windows to the outside, two fifteen minute breaks, and thirty minutes for lunch. No personal phones, books, pens, or any way to take notes for anything.

We deal with confidential information.

I can’t even write, and just that is hell enough.

Were instructed to sympathize with our customers and make sure that they’re taken care of. “No reason for a callback!” That’s the idea of it. I understand the sentiment, so I follow it.

I like working with people and I love solving problems. Put me in a room with 200 crying people and I’ll tend to every one of them. If they’re angry, I’ll still make sure that their issues are solved. I don’t want them to yell anymore.

I really don’t.

“Listen to me! I’ve talked with 5 people on the phone already and there’s no way that YOU will fix my problem!”

Thank you for having faith in me.

“Before you talk, let me speak with a supervisor, now!”

Thank you for believing in me.

“Why don’t you just speed through the verbatim? Yes, yes, YES! I agree! MOVE ON!”

Thank you for getting me fired.

I’m told to sympathize, to be patient, to be understanding. I am; and in turn I get beat up, spat upon, and expected to clean shoes with my tongue.

I am the voice on the phone that asks what you need.

I am human. I have a wife. I have a home that I want to go to every night, knowing that at least someone loves me.

Please consider me.

Via Daily Post- Sympathize


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